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Thank you all for responding with further questions.  As you all are aware, the entire league is made up of volunteers.  While we completely understand requests for financial information is important, those that have the information are working their "real" jobs during the day and it is often difficult to get that information immediately.  We take time at each meeting pouring over the monthly financials and bank statements.   To offer full transparency, we have placed the following items on our website:

Compiled Financials for the year ended 9/30/2018
Compiled Financials for the year ended 9/30/2019 (BASEBALL ONLY)
Compiled Financials for the 3 months ended 12/31/2019 (BASEBALL ONLY)
Compiled Financials for the 8 months ended 5/31/2020 (BASEBALL ONLY)
Baseball Bank statements as of 9/30/2018, 9/30/2019, 12/31/2019, 5/31/2020 Amended Tax Return (990) as of 9/30/2018.
Please note 9/30/2019 is extended and is not quite yet complete.

Texoma Youth Sports Association (TYSA) is actually more than just baseball.  The nonprofit organization fulfills baseball needs on the fields located near the stadium and allows a competitive soccer league to play under the same umbrella.  Each sport has its own separate board.  TYSA also has a board that cumulates the collective information.

As you can see, as of December 31, 2019, the baseball side had $193.75 in the bank.  This is very normal after Fall Ball and just before spring registration begins.  Additionally, due to the need of a new scoreboard, the baseball side also owed $7,500 on a line of credit.  The line of credit is personally guaranteed by several board members.  During spring registration, the league received $51,743 in spring registration and sponsorship checks.  This is typically the case each spring.  The one difference is 4-5 years ago, the registration would be approximately $40,000 and we would obtain $10,000 - $15,000 from a fundraiser.  Through a questionnaire sent out to parents, many requested to pay a higher registration fee and do away with fundraising.  The expenses from January 1, 2020 - May 31, 2020 accumulated to $19,954.19, leaving $32,567.56 in the bank as of May 31, 2020.   Again, this is all normal and standard each year.   The concessions will then cover umpire expenses leaving the league $20,000-$30,000 to pay off the line of credit, buy any fixed assets (mowers), make large repairs, and keep the fields updated for Fall Ball.  Unfortunately, as with most nonprofits, there is not a such thing as a rainy day fund in case things do not go great.  It is difficult to build a surplus with continuous needs for upgrades and high summer utility bills.  One item that has greatly saved us is the rain we have received during the spring.  We turned our water off in late December and have not had to have it turned back on until recently.  However, if we do not begin watering now, you can imagine how bad the fields will be in a very short period of time.  If we would have been playing, and trust me we wish we would have been, our water bill would have probably averaged $2,000 per month from March until now.

Forgive the length of this statement, but we feel it is very important to perhaps better explain our reasoning.  We felt like we had 3 choice when we were told the season would need to be cancelled.

1.  Offer no refunds - other local leagues and many leagues across Texas and Oklahoma have taken this route.  In fact, when a parent registers, it is clearly stated there are no refunds.  However, each year kids back out at the last minute and we do offer refunds.  (Additionally each year there are a number of kids who simply cannot play - we do everything possible to never turn a kid away)

2.  Offer full refunds asking parents to donate to the league.  With this potential idea, there was a very real possibility there would be no funding left and the league would be faced with the real possibility of turning the fields over to WFISD.   We have asked WFISD for assistance in building new fields in the past and it has been clearly explained there is no budget for such improvements.  We understand this and are concerned if we are unable to continue, WFISD will not have the capacity, funding, or the ability to continue a baseball league.  Additionally, as board members, we simply cannot afford to increase the line of credit and potentially be held personally responsible for any amounts not paid back.

3.  Offer partial refunds - the choice we made as a board.  As explained in our original email, depending on the number of parents who are willing to donate their full registration (which many have already said they would happily) we felt we could keep parents happy as well as be financially able to maintain the fields in the summer heat and hopefully be ready for fall ball and spring ball.



Texoma Youth Baseball Board of Directors

Texoma Youth Baseball